Coast to Coast: Individual Race Records

Over the years the various stages of the course have been shortened or lengthened to accommodate growing field sizes, changes in transition locations and the required emphasis on safety. Weather, road and river conditions can greatly affect stage times on the day. As a result fastest times are only valid for the year in which the event is held.

It needs to be noted that the following race records were set when the course, although of the same overall distance as today, was made up of a different mix of course sections e.g. shifting the transition from Deception Bridge to Aickens has made the mountain run 3km longer and the Kumara cycle leg 3km shorter.

Event Time Holder Year
Men's Individual One Day 10:34:37 Keith Murray 1994
Women's Individual One Day 12:09:26 Andrea Murray 1997
Men's Individual Two Day 11:05:18 Keith Murray 1993
Women's Individual Two Day 12:59:57 Anne Woodley 1997
Men's Teams 10:50:56 Micheal Causer 1993
    Graham Causer  
Women's Teams 12:37:53 Suzanne Stowell 1994
    Andrea Devine